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Holiday Visa for a period of less than three months

All foreign nationals who wish to come to France must be able to show at the frontier the regulation documents relating to the purpose of their stay, their means of support, their accommodation conditions and guarantees of repatriation.

As a general rule, a visa is necessary unless a dispensation is granted. In order to find the relevant information, to prepare and submit your visa request or to track the progress of your request, log on to France-visas, the official visa website for France.

You need a visa for your holiday in France ? It’s simple …

  1. Follow the instructions on
  2. And contact the visa service of the French Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin.

For a holiday period of less than 3 months, during which you will not be engaging in any professional activity, you should request a short-stay visa (a standard Schengen or a national visa according to whether your destination is in the European or non-European territory of France.)

The major steps in applying for a visa
  1. Do you need a visa ?

Thanks to the visa assistant, France-visas enables you to decide, according to your situation, if you need a visa and if so, which type. It will also tell you what proofs/documents you have to send with your request and the tariff which is applicable.

Please note that dispensation from a visa does not exempt the foreign nationals mentioned above from showing the proofs concerning the reason and the conditions of their stay, their means of support and guarantees of repatriation required in law.

  1. Fill in your application on line

When you’ve checked whether or not you need a visa, you can apply on line via the France-Visas portal. You will be asked to create an account and France-visas will accompany you throughout the process of dealing with your request.

  1. Submit your file to the Visa Centre

Once your file is complete on line, all you have to do is to submit it to the Visa Centre for your area. France-visas will provide all the necessary information so that you know who to apply to and how to submit your request along with all the proofs required. 

  1. Track your visa request

Once you have submitted your file, track the progress of your request, find out when and how to get your passport back and to prepare for your arrival en France.

Warning : Depending on the country in which you live and the time of year, there will be time limits for making appointments as well as for processing your request. Users are asked to undertake the process of requesting a visa in plenty of time, taking account of these time limits with regard to their departure date.

What are the proofs required when applying for a « short stay » visa for less than 3 months ?

To get a « short stay » visa for France, you must submit your request to the visa service of the French Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin.

According to the services in question, it is sometimes necessary to make an appointment in advance.

French Embassies and Consulates make public, on their internet site or on their premises, the precise list of documents to provide, depending on your country of residence or your nationality. It is mainly a case of :

  • a passport issued less than 10 years ago and whose period of validity extends at least 3 months beyond the date on which you are due to leave French territory ;
  • the request form for a short stay visa (CERFA n°14076*02) duly completed, dated and signed ;
  • 3 identity photos in conformity with required standards ;
  • the proof of existence of adequate resources :

32,50 € per day for a foreigner with proof of accommodation to be provided ;

65 € if s/he holds proof of reservation of a hôtel room;

120 €  if s/he has no proof of reservation of a hôtel room.

  • proof of guarantee of repatriation to the normal place of residence of the foreign national ;
  • proof of having taken out an insurance policy covering medical and hospital expenses, or a minimum of 30 000 € ;
  • proofs relative to the purpose and conditions of his/her stay :

Administrative charges or visa rights are charged on submission of the request. They vary from 35 € to 60 € according to the nationality of the applicant, who receives a receipt in exchange. No refund of the expenses incurred will be made should the visa request be refused.

You should take into account the following :

Allow 15 days waiting time to obtain a reply in the case of a request for a short stay visa. This delay may extend to 2 months in certain special cases.

 The period of validity of a short stay visa is shown on the stamp and is for a maximum of 5 years. The short stay visa for one single entry to France is granted for a maximum period of 90 days per period of 180 days. It is valid for entry to all of the Schengen Area Member States.

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    The climate in France is as varied as its culture and regions…

    The diversity of France is in the climate itself since you can find every type of climate, with average temperatures ranging from 39° to -39°C : oceanic, Mediterranean, continental or mountain climates, plus tropical and equatorial climates !

    Above all, everything depends on the region that you choose and the time of year.

    As you’ll have realised, you can plan a holiday en France all year round,

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    In France, the currency is the euro. You can obtain them at a bureau de change as soon as you arrive at the airport or straight from a cash dispenser if you have a credit card which allows this.

    Before leaving home, check what the exchange rates are.

    Don’t forget to bring with you proof of the existence of sufficient resources to see you through the whole period of your holiday.

    The French and their culture

    French culture is known and appreciated throughout the whole world : gastronomy, fashion, craft products, history and literature. It’s a rich and influential culture which you’ll enjoy getting to know.

    But first and foremost, French culture has stamped upon it the pride of its people.

    They’re proud of its diversity, proud of their history, proud of their opinions, and proud of their independence !

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